Every year, about 4 million chlorine dispensers are consumed in Spain, with an average of 4 dispensers per pool every year

In the United States it is estimated a consumption of 50 million of dispensers per year

The Chlorine market is estimated at about 33.5 billion dollars by 2019, with an annual growth rate of 5%

The most common means of applying chlorine in swimming pools is the static floating chlorine dispenser

The current dispensers do not guarantee neither homogeneity nor correct dissolution of the chlorine

Therefore the measurement of the pH of the swimming pools is not reliable.

Low PH (low chlorine level): it doesn´t allow proper disinfection of the pool

PH high (excessive chlorine level): it has a corrosive effect on the skin (bleach effect)

The mobile chlorine dispenser is an advance over the static chlorine dispensers:

  • Easy to us
  • Cost savings
  • Rationalization of  chlorine levels


  • Solar Powered
  • Energy savings up to 100%
  • Homogeneous distribution of solid and liquid chlorine.
  • PH and chlorine level control
  • Optimum maintenance of the hygiene and disinfection of the swimming pool
  • Conservation of pool water in the most optimal state for the skin
  • Lower consumption of chlorine tablets
  • Ideal for hibernation treatment
  • Automated timing treatment day and night

PDF Mobile Chlorine Dispenser