Cápsula para la detección del Cáncer de Mama

Capsule that alerts about breast cancer

This subcutaneos capsule detects breast and ovarian cancer in their early stages. This small-sized capsule, located subcutaneously, emits electrical impulses to detect the cancer, which are received by a receiver that alerts the person preventively.

The capsule detects tumor or cancer markers. Proteins and circulating tumor cells are two types of markers that can be measured. Cancerous tumors often produce a specific protein in blood which serves as a marker of the disease. Circulating tumor cells are cells shed from cancer and are incorporated into the bloodstream. It is possible to measure the level of circulating tumor cells and proteins by incorporating this subcutaneous capsule, which records circulating tumor markers.

The capsule is generally composed of solid reagents, thermal control system, transmitter, programmable microprocessor, data comparison software and load power, active and passive.

It can prevent as well colon and prostate cancer in ther early stages.