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ANTONIO IBÁÑEZ DE ALBA is considered the most prolific researcher in Spain

With more than 200 patents, he was hired by NASA after finishing his engineering degree.

He has worked for several companies and organizations such as Margaret Astor, Dragados, the Libyan government and  the largest spa in Europe.

In 199o he received the Gold Medal from the Word Intellectual Property Organization for the Artificial Palms Project for Water Condensation in Desert Areas. This invention, quoted in textbooks, was carried out by the Libyan government, which invested over 1,000 million euros in the purchase of 50,000 palm trees.

In 2003, he was awarded the Barcelona International Exhibition Prize for Happy Bath, a Safety System for PoolS.

In 2008 he received the Prize for the Best Invention for  his patent of the External Combustion Engine.

Many media such as the Financial Times have reflected his investigations.

He has also been invited to the International Space Station.

Antonio Ibáñez de Alba Patents

Recent projects include

  • The tunnel that allows Mecca High Speed Train to work despite the sand storms.

  • The first floating water without salt.

  • The system of transmission of brain waves by the mobile.

  • The screen for protection of grass and projection of images in sports fields.

  • The ecological power station Okotion Green Energy.

  • The Underwater Highways.

  • The breast cancer screening capsule.